The Easiest Way to Tell When You Are Losing Weight

The Skinnier Me app is a new comer on the calorie counter app market. It has some really cool features. Today I want to highlight some of the features that I think are really cool.

One of the things that this app does really well over every other app is that it let’s you gauge your own personal basal metabolic rate (BMR). It does this through the data that you provide to the app. That means that in order to calculate BMR you need to use the app. After about 14 days worth of data we can tell you how many calories you burn in a 24 hour period simply by virtue of being alive.

That let’s us do some other cool things. One of them is we can gauge how many calories you have left in your system at any given time. You can sort of think of this as if we all have a gas tank like in a car. So just like your car has dial in it indicating how much gas you have left in your tank.

So that’s exactly what we have done for you! Here is your personal energy gauge.

This gauge tells you how many calories you have “in” your system.

The gauge runs from nothing in the tank to the maximum number of calories you have in a 24-hour period to lose weight at the rate that you said you wanted to lose when you signed up.

What is really cool is that this gauge slowly ticks back toward zero based on your estimated metabolic rate. When your gauge reaches zero, this is when your body needs to tap into other energy reserves in order to continue living. This is a really cool feature. Essentially, you know that if your gauge reads zero, you are burning fat, and losing weight.

It is the best way that I have ever found to determine whether or not I can eat. Another cool thing is that you may have noticed the gauge is green above, but as you start creeping up to your maximum consumable calories, the color will change to yellow, then orange, and then red to warn you when you are about to overeat.

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