Life on 1500 Calories

It actually isn’t that bad. Yeah, I’ve felt hungry, and sometimes I do a little bit of splurging and shoot all the way up to 2000 calories in a day. On those days, I feel very full, but I think that I have to have those days. Some days you just need to fill your stomach entirely. 1500 calories isn’t going to do it for you.

And that’s okay. You don’t always need to be going. The important thing when you are trying to lose weight is the overall trend that you are on. Go ahead and have a slice of cake every so often. As long as that is not an everyday sort of thing, you will stay on track.

That is one of the big benefits of using an app like the skinnier me app. It will let you see what your trend is looking like. I couldn’t imagine doing 1500 calories per day without an app like this. It is actually pretty motivating to weigh in every single day. After a few weeks of concerted effort you begin to see a trend line.

Also the daily and the weekly emails to keep me on track are also very useful. That doesn’t mean that the app is doing everything. I still get to make the decisions about what I eat, how much I exercise, etc. But to keep me on track as to how much I am eating, when I am hungry it is nice to know that my efforts are working. It helps me push through when things are going slower than I feel that they should be.

Dealing With Hunger

First of all let’s be honest for a second. I am not truly hungry. I don’t think that I have ever known true hunger my entire life. I have always been able to find too much food. That’s why I have some weight to lose.

1500 calories means that my stomach gurgles and growls sometimes. So how do I control that?

The answer is simple. I drink water. I probably drink more water than I need to. Which is fine. It helps fill my stomach so that I don’t have these distracting noises reminding me that I am dieting. I think that is the big secret to loosing weight.

I mentioned last week that dehydrating yourself will give you some rapid weight loss, but that is dangerous. In fact, overhydrating is probably more useful for long-term weight loss. It is far less dangerous to boot too.

The big secret

I think the big thing is to just be comfortable with the idea of going slow. This is going to be a marathon, and you need to be able to forgive yourself for overeating on occasion. You also need to be comfortable with the idea of discomfort. When your tummy starts complaining, you need to be okay with that.

A little bit of discomfort will pay huge dividends in terms of getting to where you want to go.

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