Diets to Lose Weight Fast like in a Week

Do you want to know a secret? You will never lose a ton of weight in a single week. There is a biological necessity that mandates that there is an upper limit to what you can lose in a single seven day period. That amount, is about 5. lbs.

If you lose more than that in a single week, you have screwed up, or there is something wrong with your body. I’m not kidding here. 5 lbs is the absolute most you can shave off of your body in a single week, and I wouldn’t recommend that you try it. 2 pounds in a single week is the most you could probably safely lose.

That being said, I get it. There is a wedding coming up, or there is event X, and you are 1 week out. How can I shave off, just a few pounds here or there? It is a common enough question.

So what does a diet look like that will give you the biggest loss in a short-time period?


You are pretty much restricted to salads. You probably have to just take a small salad. For every meal. Breakfast? Salad. Lunch? Salad. Dinner? Salad. Snacking? You probably shouldn’t if you want to lose as much as possible in a week, but salad. Here were talking maybe 300 to 700 calories per sitting. Target about 1500 calories for the day.

The reason why? Energy density is one. Your calories to how full your stomach feels needs to be high. That being said, salads will get you to where you are going, it is going to be unpleasant. Really, you should reconsider this idea of losing as much as possible in just a week.

How about meats?

Nope. Not for this week. You have subjected yourself to self torture for this week. No meat, no sugars, no butter, no carbs, no nothing. It is just salads for you.

Here’s the big trick:

Most of the weight that you are going to be able to lose in a week is going to be water weight. I personally fluctuate a ton just from water weight. I did an experiment, and weighed myself before I drank anything. And then I drank as much water as I could stand, and reweighed myself.

Two pounds heavier, in a matter of seconds!

So you need to be monitoring your water intake. Since you kind of need water to like, live. You really, really, shouldn’t do this without a doctor involved. Seriously! Stop reading this now, and get a doctor, ask if you should. They’ll say no. You should listen. What I’m about to tell you is DANGEROUS, please don’t.

You need to slowly dehydrate yourself. Hugh Jackman famous for playing Wolverine. In the very first X-men movie looked like this:

First X-Men Hugh Jackson

Then in one of the last Wolverine movies he ended up looking like this:

Hugh Jackman's Workout: Strong, Lean & Powerful
Hugh Jackman, shredded version, or should I say completely dehydrated version.

So, how did he do it? How did he get so veiny and shredded? One he became much more of a health nut. But his big secret is that for that scene he was incredibly incredibly dehydrated. Dangerously, dehydrated even. He had all kinds of doctors on staff for that movie as he went through the process of dehydrating himself for that one scene.

I really think that is a bad idea to dehydrate yourself, please don’t. Really, don’t. I mention it, because it is just about the only way to lose weight in a week which is a topic of this post. But it is so incredibly dangerous that I would hate to see someone hurt, or killed. There is still a better way!

A Better Way!

The better way is to simply start earlier. I know that sounds stupid. Honestly, a little preparation goes a long way in weight loss, and it is way, way healthier, and safer. You can eat whatever you like. Seriously. Ice cream? Yes. Donuts? Yep. I’ve lost a pound eating donuts. The trick is to not eat so many that you don’t lose weight. Big ole steak dinner? Go for it.

Again you just have to be careful about how much you are eating and drinking. If you don’t overeat, you can eat anything.

So if you are trying to lose weight, just start earlier. My personal plan puts me to where I want to be in October. I started in May. Just take the time. If you know a wedding is coming up, plan to take longer than a week to lose unwanted pounds. It really is that simple. Remember, it is simple, it isn’t easy. You have to exert some real self control.

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